Our story

XiTech has been active in the European microelectronics industry since 2010. With 30 years of experience of its founder, XiTech has built its evolution and reputation on the quality of its services to key players in industry and research in the semiconductor, medical and aeronautics sectors

From SMEs to large industrial groups, we bring our expertise to the following areas :

  • Design, production and implementation of mechanical products and systems
  • Improvement of existing equipment and solutions against obsolescence
  • Maintenance and refurbishment of mechatronic equipment

Xitech is based in the Bouches du Rhône, near the technological and industrial centre of Peynier / Rousset. The proximity of the Marseille-Provence international airport, the Aix-en-Provence TGV train station and several motorways give the company easy access and logistics.

Research and development

The applied mechanical engineering design office is specialised in the design, development and study of new products.

  • Secondary vacuum and ultra-high vacuum chambers.
  • Vacuum rotary feedthrough.
  • Automatic loading of substrates or samples under vacuum and ion beam-lines.
  • Heated substrate or sample holders, especially for SiC (Silicon Carbide) semiconductors of the future for power components.
  • Substrate holder cooled by liquid nitrogen or cryogenic system (amorphisation).
  • Gas cabinets, Gas-boxes for microelectronic industry equipment or research laboratories.
  • Ion beam-lines (focusing, scanning, accelerating).
  • Addition of gas lines or plasma precursor systems (ion source).
  • Ferroluidic rotating feedthrough according to customer specifications.
  • Improvement and modernisation of existing systems.
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